We are a family-owned company that primarily deals with rental properties.

H5 Housing

H5 Housing A/S offers both student and family housing.

The company was established in 2006. The company's initial focus was on ordinary family homes. The student homes were added to the company's portfolio 11 years later and today form the largest part of the rental portfolio.

We are still in constant development. We are currently working on being able to offer more student accommodations in Copenhagen in the near future. We keep a watchful eye on the market and strive to be where we are most needed.

H5 Broløkke Herregård

In January 2021, we acquired Broløkke Herregård, which is located in the nature-rich Langeland.

Before the acquisition, Broløkke Herregård has undergone extensive renovations, where the classic and traditional style has been preserved.

We have plans for further improvements so that guests and visitors get the best experience, whether it is a day visit, a weekend or holiday stay or the very big party event.

H5 Capital

H5 Capital ApS is a family-owned company that was founded in 2015.

Our head office is located in Copenhagen NV, where we also have our rental properties. This means we are close to our core business, which consists of renting out housing to families and students.

In addition to our focus on rental housing, we have minority stakes in a number of different companies. Among other things. we have a larger share in the listed company Nordic Transport Group A/S, which transports goods by road, sea and air every day.

Coming soon

Bispehuset in Nordvest

We build!

Soon we will offer even more student accommodation in Copenhagen's Nordvest quarter.

We believe that the home environment plays a big role in your study time. We have a great focus on the interior design of the Bispehuset, so that it creates the best environment for studying and being social. The possibility to withdraw and immerse oneself also becomes an option.

All important prerequisites for optimizing your everyday life as a student.

Dortheahuset in Nordvest

Dortheahuset in Nordvest contains both newly renovated family homes and newly built Small Living homes. All the apartments can be rented indefinitely, and whether you are looking for a family home or a one-room home, you are always welcome to contact us regarding vacant tenancies in the building.